Cryp - Tick Exchange Change Log


- Optimised viewing for Line / Candle Graphs through alternating background colours (black / white).

- Added persistence for Graph Settings (Graph Type / History Timeline).


- Added persistence for Crypto List View / News Carousel settings.

- Settings include: [Crypto List] List View Length, Sparkline History Period.

- [News Carousel] Auto Scroll, Scroll View Interval (seconds).


- Optimised News Articles, easier accessability including:

- Larger images, larger titles, more space for description, article link, share button, favourite button.


- Appended to More Info page to feature information regarding Exchange to new users, including links to data sources.

- Contact Support provided in form of an email client redirection link including information on how to structure a feature request / bug find.


- Fixed issue in Saved Articles where data sets (title, description, link, imageUrl, datePublished) aren't properly displayed, resulting in these sets becoming mixed together.

- Optimised article viewing for larger devices.

- Added feature to batch delete all user-saved articles.


- Added saved articles feature. Users can now save their favourite news articles before they time out (forever) to an MySQL database stored on the user's device.

- Implimented MySQL patch which blocks duplicate entries to the saved articles database. (Unique constraint)

- Implimented MySQL patch to pick out duplicate entries which could have passed through the aforementioned unique constraint.

- This works via finding the number of duplicate entries (x) then deleting these duplicates by the number of x - 1. This means that one entry is always left in the user's database. This patch is executed everytime the user saves / deletes a new article.


- Greatly streamlined the crypto list view experience. Visually, crypto data is now broken down into multiple blocks for viewing (image comparison below).

v0.4.6 list view `after` image (image from 2018-12-15)
Before v0.4.6 list view `before` image